Installation problem v1.0.2

Hello, I get the following installation error when installing this version.  Any help appreciated.

Install printerdriver for Win2kXP2k3 (32bit):
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Environment : Windows NT x86
 Result: Error 2 = The system cannot find the file specified

 Printername: PDFCreator
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Portname   : PDFCreator:
 Result: Error 1797 = The printer driver is unknown



Santa Bill

Hi, my PDF will not open. A prompt appears that looks like a printer but only for a few seconds then its gone. That's about it. an anyone help me with this problem?

Jez Ippolito.

After PDFCreator, you need a PDF reader to open the PDF file:

With the PDF reader installed, the PDF file will open up automatically after PDFCreator.

Neither response addresses my installation issue - can anyone help?  I reverted to v0.9.7 and all works fine - but I can't upgrade.