Installation problems

I had version 1.7.2 running ok, but I got a prompt to upgrade to 1.7.3
which I accepted. It failed to Install.  I have tried a few times all
with the same result. I have tried version 1.9.2 with the same result. I
have turned off McAfee. I have tried the ForceInstall (if I did it
correctly not sure) mentioned in FAQs. I have have been trying now for
over 2 hours and I need help.
What happens is
That the Installer starts, prompts for Language and starts to progress bar - then a please wait window comes up and after a few seconds a blank window comes over this window. and the program goes no further.
I  can only get rid of the blank window by restarting the computer - even the task manager doesn’t know it.


are you sure it is not visible in the taks manager? It should be called installmanager.exe and ending it will allow the setup to complete successfully.

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