Installation with multiple profiles


I have a question regarding the installation of PDFCreator 0.9.5. I have made some changes to the code to suit my requirements. However, i have an issue.

I'm not sure if i'm going to do a good job at explaining my issue, but i will try my best. I have installed the PDFCreator on the server with an admin account. Now i have multiple users or profiles (local users from different machies) that can remote in to the server to use the PDFCreator. When i look at the SetupLog i see that the temp directory is set to the %admin% path instead of to the %userprofile% path. This causes files to get mixed up between the local users. How can i change this so that when PDFCreator is installed, i have the temp directory set to %userprofile% instead of to %admin%? 

Any help is appreciated.