Installer for 4.4.2 installed malware, AGAIN

This is PURE GARBAGE. Once again pdfforge is CAUGHT RED HANDED installing Web Companion by Adaware which is little more than MALWARE. I've had it with this JUNK being installed without permission. It's ILLEGAL to do that in many places in fact. They've been told about this problem before even back as far as 2015. I can't post a link here so go to Google and search for "adaware pdfcreator" and you'll find forums posts that talk about it. Of course, they claim they can't repro it, which is garbage given the number of others who said it did. They've clearly done nothing to ensure it stops too.

Both PDFCreator AND Web Companion by Adaware should be consider malware by antimalware products and blocked by default until and unless they permanently solve this.

I faced the same problem, noticed by ESET Smart Security Premium. I noticed this problem to Pdfforge many times in the past but I didn't receive any answer or solution.

It seems they have an ad partner. Better not use easy installers, therefore.

also flagged by SentinelOne.
Threat Info:
Name: lavasoft_overlay_new_setup_progress_en_836de029-df55-483c-b06e-67c270576b5f-v3.exe
URL: SentinelOne - Management Console
Path: \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Users\kcadmin\AppData\Local\Temp\gy5ui15u.raj\banners-a23qqxzd.wqf*lavasoft_overlay_new_setup_progress_en_836de029-df55-483c-b06e-67c270576b5f-v3.exe*