Installer has virus

Dear company, i want to send feedback. i was updating app called pdfcreator. Then avg antivirus catch virus called FileRepMalware inside lsop.exe. Also app is not colored with my theme of windows 10. I set blue theme to all windows in windows 10 operating system and your app has red theme of window on top and around corners.


thanks for the feedback.
There is no virus or anything malicious included in the installer, it seems AVG calls any heuristic / PUA detection FileRepMalware (completely misleading name).
The lsop.exe downloads and displays an offer screen with an 100% optional offer during the setup.
Fun fact: The offer screen might even offer AVG anti virus.
You can also let the antivirus delete the lsop.exe and the PDFCreator setup should complete successfully anyway.
You can upload the lsop.exe or the entire setup to and have it checked against 50+ anti virus products and the cast majority will correctly detect it as safe.
PDFCreator isn't affected by the selected Windows theme, but this was a design decision and isn't a bug; however I can imagine it might not look very nice in connection with an all blue theme.

Best regards


Dear company, please make that avg antivirus will not show warning. Also please contact avg antivirus.