Installing 1.7.0, my experience

I had installed 1.6.2 prior to upgrading to 1.7.0.

I skipped all the extras during the install.  So I did not install PDF Architect, nor the game looking product.

On reboot, I did see a new dialog complaining that an HP program of some kind triggered a JIT debugger option.  I opted not to start a debug session since that was a bit pointless for me.  I’m not willing to assume that the install of PDFCreator had anything to do with this.  But it will be in the back of my mind in the coming weeks.  The HP printer appears to be working ok.

I found that my temp pdfcreator folder no longer had an owner.  This has been the same problem since 1.6.1 for me.  I fixed the owner of the folder and all the sub folders and files.  

This didn’t allow me to print anything yet though.  There were no windows event log errors that I could see.

I then went into the pdfcreator spool folder and selected the top INF file with the context menu click and asked that the system create a pdf from this file.  Not a real logical thing to do, but I was being flexible.

The resulting dialog asked if it could temporarily set the PDFCreator printer to the default printer.  I agreed.  Once that was done, then the prints started working again.

64bit Win7 Enterprise
Just my 2cents of experience today.