Installing PDF Creator Business by MSI and Networkshare

Good Morning.

I've tried to install PDF creator Business through Group Policy Software installation. But Unfortunately the installation still fails. When i try to install the Software through a folder it works fine.
the MSI and the "unpacked files" (command msiexec /a) are in the same folder.
The folder is on network share and each user has accessright to it.

May someybody has concider the same issue and can help ?

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Roman Dzichel

Hello @Roman.Dzichel

Do you get any error messages you're able to share?

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Hi Florian

Unfortunately i didn't get any error Messages.

may i do it wrong by installing it through GroupPolicy?
is there somewhere a example, how to install it through group Policy?

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Hi Roman,

kindly see if this is any help to you:

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thanks for Tutorial. Unfortunately i do missunderstand this dokumentation. In normal cases i put an MSI-File into my Grouppolicy library and link this to all Workstations in Company.
here i need to make an Administrative Installation Point. What is an Administration Installation Point?
why i need this? How to install the MSI-File with ADDlocal Parameter if i don't need hotfolder or Images2PDF?
While Installing the MSI File from Active Directory, an error occur cause the MSI-file can't find the folder which contains the configuration.