Internal GhostScript Error

When I try to print in version 2.1.2 (any kind print) I get the following error:

PDFCreator was not able to convert the document, because an error occured: Internal GhostScript Error.

You can find additional information in the log file.

Additional Info 1.: There’s no log file on PDFCreator folder.
Additional Info 2.: There was no such error in 2.1.1 version. In fact, 2.1.1 works fine here.
Additional Info 3.: I have a desk and a note. Both is getting same error.

Since there’s no print at all, I consider this version broken.
I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with ESET Smart Security running.

Same here, very annoying.

I re-installed 2.1 and all fine again… but this ‘old’ version means to be the free version. Hello?! Plz help.

“means to be the free version”?
what’s that mean? maybe you downloaded plus version which is paid… check it out.
browse for regular (no plus version) history version here

How did you solve the problem?

go back to 2.1.1. on the link above (in “here” word) and you should be fine.

move on to the next version only when they fix this Internal GhostScript Error.
no fix, go back to 2.1.1 again.


free means that this message comes: “Diese E-Mail wurde vom kostenlosen
PDFCreator automatisch erstellt”. But i have the paid version.


Problem (“free”) exists with 2.1.0 and also with 2.1.1.

Hi Audioslave,

the signature can be removed/replced/edited under profile settings->actions->open email client->edit text.
But you are right, it should say "Diese Mail wurde vom bezahlten PDFCreator automatisch erstellt"

regarding the ghostscript issue: we updated ghostscript to 9.16 for PDFCreator 2.1.2 to solve some issues with joining a large amount of files and color management. Unfortunately this caused a new issue which we didn’t spot in our tests: If there are any special chars in the users temp path, Ghostscript doesn’t handle those properly and we need to build a function to replace and reinsert them properly.
Currently reverting back to PDFCreator 2.1.1 is the easiest option and the issue should be gone with the next update.

best regards,

Hello Robin,

thanks for help, i didn’t remember that i’m able to delete this signature. :wink:

Any idea until this bug will be fixed? No huge problem for me, as 2.1.1 works fine, but i’m curious. ^^


we have aimed to fix this for the next update, but currently it is not possible yet to say when this might be.

best regards,