Internal Ghostscript problem: upgrade to Ghostscript 8.71

I solved this problem after an hour of work, so I’m sharing my solution.

I installed PDFCreator version 1.0.2 on two PCs (Win7 x64 and WinXP sp3 x32). In both installations, nearly all pdfs I print are gibberish when I use the internal Ghostscript (version 8.70). This happens for pdfs printed from every application except Microsoft Office programs. Other Microsoft applications (like IE) create gibberish pdfs, too. Even the Windows “print test page” utility creates a gibberish page using the internal Ghostscript.

The current version of GPL Ghostscript (8.71) solves this problem. Using that, I get good pdfs printing from ALL applications I tested, and also the Windows “print test page” utility. The PDFCreator blog says it reverted to Ghostscript 8.70 due to problems creating searchable text. But I have no trouble with that.

The current GPL Ghostscript is available here:

Thanks, Lithorn.

I had this problem on Win7U x64 using PDFCreator v1.2.0 with both the bundled Ghostscript v9.00 and a separately installed v8.70 (which shows up as v8.15 in PDFCreator for some reason).

Like you, output from MS Word was fine, but Firefox and IE both printed garbled text, as did the Windows Print Test Page. Note that the Print Test Page within the PDFCreator Options worked fine.

Interestingly, copying/pasting this garbled text into Notepad gave the correct text. It appears to be an encoding issue since Adobe Reader indicates "Custom" encoding for the TT fonts, which come out garbled, but "Standard" for the Type1 fonts, which come out ok.

Rather than trying Ghostscript v8.71, the work-around I found was to stick with v9.00 and set "Embed all fonts" under PDFCreator, Printer, Options, Formats, PDF, Fonts.