Internet Explorer 9 problem


Ther is a BUG in PDFC. It is related to IE9 on Windows Vista / Windows 7.

The generated PDF shows small squares instead of some letters in the viewer. If you copy-paste the text with these squares, the text result is fine.

This should be some kind of Font related problem.

The environment:

- Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)

- PDFC 1.2.3

- Adobe Reader X (or any)

For example, a page that is printed this way:


I could reproduce this problem on multiple sites and multiple machines in differenc environments!


(Primo PDF generates the PDF ok from these pages. I'm just saying.)


Thanks for your help in advance and keep up the good work!



(from Hungary)

I also have the same problem starting with version 1.2.1.

My environment is: Win XP Serv.Pack. 3 Browser: Seamonkey 2.3.3

I reported the problem several times but no one answers or gives a real solution.