iOS 14 issue with PDF Architect files

Hello everybody,
I am experiencing a big issue with iOS 14 and pdf Architect. All my pdf files that has been created with pdf Architect are unreadable on devices running iOS 14 (tried with iPhone, iPad, iPad pro, with iOS 14.0.1 and 14.1). Wether on the native e-mail application as an attached file, or in the "Books" app, or "Newzik" app (pdf reader for musicians)... Most of the time, the two first pages are OK and then the other ones are blank. Sometimes the whole file is blank.
All the files I am talking about were (and still are) perfectly working with devices running iOS 13 (and previous ones).
This issue is only concerning the pdf files created with pdf Architect, not the other ones.
Does someone have an idea about what is going on?
Thank you very much for your help!

Hello @JCD

As I could not quite manage to replicate the issue I believe it's best when you contact PDF Architect Support directly. Please open a ticket for the PDF Architect Support team here:

Kind regards

Thank you Sascha for your reply, I am now in touch with the Support team.
Best wishes,