Is a custom DPI possible

Hi all, new to PDFCreator.

I have a Sony-UPDR200 that I am trying to emulate using PDFCreator. The sony uses an odd DPI setting of 330. I am a photo booth operator and have the booth set to print photo strips that are 2in X 6in. I use some custom layouts that rely on the 33dpi mark of the printer to print correctly as boarder less prints and inlay the images from the photo booth software.

I have PDF creator set up properly, but the DPI is wrong, so my prints look wrong. Is there any way to change the dpi, or will the "options .jpeg settings kick in and set a “printer” dpi of 300 to 330 dpi when it prints?

This is for testing purposes so that I can verify the booth is functioning properly and that images look good without wasting expensive ink and paper.