Is it not able to import JPEGs and compile them to 1 PDF file?

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I used "drag and drop" with a few JPEGs into the PDFCreator field, then i got that message:


Thank you for your feedbacks.

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Nobody knows what's going on with n JPEGs to 1 PDF?

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Try downgrading to 4.0.4 version to verify that the problem is coming with the new 4.1.0 version.

First i need to know it's a trial version or not...:wink:

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ok, where can i get the older version?

You can download it from Filepuma and I can confirm that the downloaded file is identical to the original downloaded from the site because I keep and archive old files of every software I use.

PDFCreator 4.0.4

Thank you. BUT: The Support is not able to tell me it's possible or not? Why try-and-error with different versions?

I can tell you that with version 4.0.4 the import is working.
Due to too many bugs in version 4.1.0, I can't/won't test with it.

ok thx. where can i download that older version?

ok, found it...

but what is the difference between

a.) PDFCreator-4_0_4-Setup.exe


b.) PDFCreator-4_0_4-Setup_legacy.exe

Thank you for your feedback.


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