Is it possible to have a signed driver ?!


We have an error message who said that there is a problem with the digital signature of your driver:

Event id 600 Printservice:
The print spooler failed to import the printer driver that was downloaded from \VS-Ceres\print$\x64\PCC\ into the driver store for driver PDFCreator. Error code= 800f0242. This can occur if there is a problem with the driver or the digital signature of the driver.

We paid a high price for this PDFCreator server and we see that it's not a professional solution.
You gave us non signed driver. How it's possible ?!

Thanks for more informations about this drivers situation.


Hi Stephane,

The driver is signed.

We have replied to you via e-mail already a few minutes ago (as you have opened a ticket as well): Please make sure, that on your server "Thawte Primary Root CA" is registered under the trusted root certification authorities list.

Kind regards