Is my BeID digital certificate compatible?

I have

- Windows 7 H Prem 32bit SP1

- PDFCreator and PDF Architect installed (with “C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PlugIns\pdfforge\pdfforge.dll” present where it belongs)

- A digital certificate provided by the Belgian government by way of my BeID (Belgian electronic IDentity card, which is a smart card) with is *pkcs11.dll file installed and registered in Windows

- A smart car reader, which allows me to digitally sign e-mails in Thunderbird and securely authenticate myself on several sites of Belgian government agencies

Before I download and install the “PDF Architect Secure & Sign Module” (and pay a pittance for it), I would like to know if my BeID certificate will work with it.

Is my BeID certificate compatible with and adequate for PDF Architect?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may offer.

- The free Belgian “Signing Box” site (for Belgian citizens only) is unwieldy, rather user-UNfriendly and totally UNintuitive. They are working on new software, but it will be ready in autumn at the soonest.

- The Belgian commercial software “eID Toolkit” is just too exorbitantly priced (> € 1,000) for a sporadic home-user like me.