Is purchase a one-off or subscription?


Thank you, but once again I ask, because terms are not provided in any readily visible form: Upon expiration of the subscription what is one left with? Can one still continue using the 7 product with all its features but no longer receiving maintenance and updates, or is the functionality reduced to that of the free version, or what? Why is it so difficult or impossible to find out clear information about the subscription terms?


Thank you for the feedback.
Please excuse the bold text, I just want to highlight the relevant information in case anybody else reads this thread in search of an answer.
Once the plan the plan is canceled or not automatically renewed, the functionality will be reduced to that of the free software. There is information on the plan during the checkout process (before you need to provide any information), but I agree it should be easier to access / find, I will ask our team to add it to the F.A.Q.and / or provide more information directly on the website.

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