Is there a way to cancel print process from the "Run Program" workflow action?

I have defined a workflow that involves "Run Program" action. Unfortunately, this program can't guarantee that it will succeed. Is there a way I could gracefully cancel the workflow if action doesn't succeed?

I tried returning a negative ExitCode from the program, but that doesn't seem to affect the flow. It still proceeds to the next action.

Is this supported in some way?

For now, I've resorted to sniffing out the parent process handle and killing it if it is named "PDFCreator".

It's dirty, but get's the job done. I'm hoping for a better solution!

Yep, I was right. It is dirty.

It seems that PDFCreator detects an unfinished business on next start and retries it. While well intentioned and understandable, it's not something I can live with. I need cancelled jobs to stay dead. :slight_smile: