Is there any problem between PDFforge and Adobe?

I use to save my work files in PDF/A but latest versions of PDFCreator and Adobe seems to be incompatible between them when other readers do read the very same PDF/A files.

I just can’t open a PDF/A file (printed with PDFCreator on Word 2010) with Adobe Reader.
The most common error is Invalid ColorSpace as you can see in this discussion:
This error is caused by the colorspace term that makes mention color palette used in the file ( rgb or cmyk type i think ).
According to adobe is the file that is corrupted.
BUT the discussion in the forum itself adobe above says otherwise …
It seems that the new versions of both programs want to dominate the market where the adobe is not looking very well accept the standard syntax of other programs that are not adobe .
Rightly I think, because then if adobe accept freeware they loses market. The market it has dominated for being reference when it comes in pdf …


we are still trying to figure out what is going on here. All files we created here opened with Adobe Reader, but we have received samples from other users with exactly this error. If you take one of the “broken” files, open them in PDF Architect and print them to the PDFCreator again, afterwards the file will open in adobe without problems; which makes it even stranger.
Is the output file always broken when you print from word 2010, even if you only write “test” into the file and print it? 

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You guys did a great job on version 2.1.1. It went perfectly fine.

Since this specific problem was solved in version 2.1.1 and Adobe Reader was able to read PDF/A files, you might consider this thread closed…

Thank you.

PS.: I opened a new thread about 2.1.2 Internal GhostScript Error here.