Is there any way to permanently remove/block MyStart Incredibar URL from forcibly showing up in a br

Is there any way to permanently block a particular URL from forcibly showing up in a browser? is such a nagging one that I want to get rid of.

Following action did not yield any result:

Removal of MYStart Incredibar from Windows Programs and Features

Use of CCleaner>>Registry Cleaner for left-over registry entires

Removal from IE9 Settings>> Manage Ad-ons>> Search Providers

Removal from IE9 Internet Options>>General Tab>>Home page

Deletion of Browsing History from IE9 Internet Options

Uninstalling PDF Creator

Re-Installing latest version of PDF Creator with Custom installation option and by unchecking Incredibarrelated all three check boxes

Similar attempts for Mozilla Firefox 11 and Google Chrome too did not yield any result

I am fed up

Help please




thank you for pointing this out, we are sorry it caused these problems for you and will take a closer look at this issue to prevent it happening again in future.

Here´s a guide on how-to remove incredibar from another website,


I hope that will help you, otherwise contact us again.