It goes thru the print process but nothing happens

I have been able to get about 8 or 10pdf's out of it so far but all of a sudden it stopped showing a plotted pdf.

I made one pdf today, looked at it but decided to change a few things on the doc so I deleted the pdf and then plotted it again but nothing showed up. It went thru the plot process whit the thermomiter on the bottom of doc page but no pdf shows up asking me what to do next. I did not change any setting so what happened?

Is there a timer on this program?

This seems like a good pdf writter and would hate to delete it but will do if I cant fix it asap. anyones help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris

>Is there a timer on this program?
No, PDFCreator hasn't such things.

1.) Possible that the Auto-Save mode is activated. Check it out please.

2.) You can try uninstall PDFCreator, delete all settings during uninstalliung, reboot and install it again.


Thank you Frank for your reply. I will do exactally as instructed, but what that is I am not sure.

You say "the auto-save mode" may be activated, are you refering to that particular program I was in? or is there another general autosave? I happen to be in (vista 64 bit) dells issued microsft word and you saying it has an auto save feature, maybe? Does this mean I have to shut that off in all other programs I will use pdfforge like excell, autocad, etc?

Another poster here said to delete some file, I think related to security.

I have to say that pdfforge worked like dnamite the few times I used it and I really like it.

I will be upgrading to W7 soon and I hope the transition will be ok.

I will try your recomendations tonight though.

OK, Frank I did as you said and it worked. I turned off the auto save timer in word and it printed as usuall. 

I did not make a change to these settings between prints so why did it all of a sudden become a problem? Also, now I have no auto save, I kinda liked that feature.

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

I didn't mean the Auto-Save feature of Word. I thought the Auto-Save option of PDFCreator was enabled. So it is interesting that the deactivated Auto-Save feature of Word helps. At the moment I have no idea why this happens. It is important that I can reproduce the problem.

I went back and turned on the auto save in m. word and was able to print a few pdf's again. I was unaware there was a auto save feature in pdfcreator because it simply did not open when I tried to so I could not invistage.

Maybe there was just a momentery glitch in this and turning on and off auto save shook the tree a little.

Hi again Frank: I was able to make a few pdf's after my last posting but have not tried again until today. Long story short is it wont print anything. It goes thru the print process but does not print anything to the "pdf monitor"

I am now in windows 7 and was really hoping I could make some use of this program but it has been a big disapointment. I am sure it must just be a simple setting some where, but cant find it.

PDFCreator is set as the default printer. What can I do next?


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I would like to use pdfcreator in java but I do not know how to do, I hope to provide some suggestions