Japanese text can not be copied from PDF

The text in a Japanese pdf created by pdfCreator cannot be copied correctly if GS 9.00 is used. Text copies correctly if GS 8.71 is used.

Steps to reproduce:

1) On a Japanese Windows XP OS, install pdfCreator 1.20

2) Print a japanese text document from Notepad to the pdfCreator printer.

3) Open the resulting PDF and attempt to copy text and paste into another document.

Expected Result: The pasted text should be the same as the text in the PDF.

Actual Result: The pasted text is garbled. Copy attempted in both Foxit Reader 4.0 and Adobe Acrobat Reader X.

Additional Info: The problem does not occur if GS 8.71 is used. The following two tests produce the expected result:  

a) Install Ghostscript 8.71 and reconfigure pdfCreator options to use this instead of the bundled 9.0.0. 

b) Downgrade to pdfCreator 1.0.2 (with internally bundled GS 8.71).

I've uploaded two sample PDF documents to compare http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12381257/bugs/JPNpdfs.zip