Jumping back to version 1.2.3

FYI: I’ve been using PDFCreator since at least 2009 and I made
PPdonations back at that time.  I’ve been having a number of problems
with recent 2012 releases, always hoping that the next release would
return the previous reliable operation.  But I’m at the point where i no
longer have confidence in the updates and I’ve jumped back to version
1.2.1 in PDFCreator-1_2_1_setup.exe, which is one of the 2010 that I
found to be very robust.  It took a bit of effort to Uninstall PDF
creator as there were some remnants requiring hand editing of the
registry.  I’d be more than happy to pay for the robust operation of
PDFCreator, but now I’m just hesitant to try any new updates.   FYI:
previous fan.


yes we unfortunatly had/are having problems with setting the correct temp paths.
Newest information on this: It seems, the PDFCreator doesn´t like %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%, this doesn´t get reexpanded, while %USERPROFILE% works.
I´m guessing that you have allready adressed your issues with the later versions in this Forum, if not please do so.



I can only sadly confirm, that all nev versions are very buggy :frowning: And also confirm - the 1.23 version of PDF creator is the best.