Keeps defaulting to A4 paper size instead of letter

Hello.  First of all, thanks for all your hard work in creating this great, open-source program.

I'm having an issue where the output keeps defaulting to A4 paper size.  I've gone into the driver settings and chosen Letter (PDFCreator/Properties/Printing Preferences/Advanced) and I can confirm that the "Letter" setting persists.  However, when actually printing a document, the paper setting is always "A4" until I change it manually every single time.

If I forget to go into this setting and change it manually to "Letter" each and every time I print a document, then the resulting PDF will not print on my printer, regardless of my paper settings at print time; the printer just holds it in an error state waiting for A4 paper to be loaded or for the job to be deleted from queue.

I have also run the PDFCreator program and gone to Printer/Options/Document/Document Properties 2/ and checked off "Use fixed paper size," with "Letter" selected.  This value persists if I go back and check it again, but on an individual print job everything again defaults to "A4."

This is a real hassle for me!  Also, I want to install a PDF printer driver for someone that I support who would have an even harder time than I remembering how to keep changing the paper size with every printed document.  What can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The suggestion from tibbar worked for me: