Large Format Landscape Orientation and AutoCAD 2013

We have been using PDFCreator for some time and it has always been complicated getting A1 and A2 size drawings to print and display in Landscape. For A3 drawings we are able to change the printing preferences to landscape. This also used to work for A1 and A2 drawings, AutoCAD 2012 and earlier, but we had to create custom Landscape paper sizes.

In AutoCAD 2013 this solution no longer works for A1 or A2 drawings. The page is Landscape, but the drawing is portrait (i.e. half off the page).


We are mostly using Windows 7 64 bit, and PDFCreator 1.3.2 (but the same occurs with XP Pro and 1.2.3).

Its already 2017 and the problem/bug with A1 Landscape sizes is not yet fix :slight_smile: