Latest PDFforge and Issues

I downloaded the latest PDFForge today and choose not to instal any extras that cam bundled with it, but it installed them anyway I then had to spend the next 30mins getting rid of them.  SweetIM is supposed to have a Trust Certificate but its behaviour once installed is more suspicious then anything I have ever installed before.  On uninstalling the program it asked me to close:  AnyDVD Application - U Torrent - iTunesHelper why and how does this even interfere with these applications?

It would seen that this program pdfforge is now agressively trying to make money on its product with this and the fact that it trys to get you to use the PDFArchitect it also automatically installed now when run.

I will not update this product again and if it stops working will go elsewhere for me needs as i dislike this type of manipulation and I completely distrust its third party partners SWEETIM!