License key?

I received a six-segment license key for PDFCreator Plus.  Where do I put it?


you will need the setup for PDFCreator Plus, there you can enter the key during the setup:

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I have installed both.  I can’t find a place to input the six-segment license key for PDFCreator Plus.  Maybe I did already?  I found a place for the five-segment license for PDF Architect which keeps popping up, but not for the six-segment one for PDFCreator.


If you used the setup that robin linked you, it seems that you already entered the key since you can only use PDFCreator after installation with this setup if you entered the license key.

The license key has to be entered during the installation and the box for it looks like the first one that is shown on this website: (you can ignore the rest of the side, I just linked it for the screenshot)

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