License PDF Archtect 6 Proffessional


Hi I have bought PDF Architect Professional.
It does not give me access to editing features unless I again spend a lot of money.
All should be open (except OCR).
I had PDF Architect 5 Professional with OCR... All features are gone now, but at least they worked.
What can I do to get this going...



did you purchase the subscription, or the perpetual edition?
The main difference to v5 (regarding the activation) is you now have an account instead of a license key.
Did you already login to your account? If yes, logging out and back in again often seems to solve the issue.
You won't need to make any additional purchases.

Best regards



Hi Robin,

this seems to work somehow, though e-sign is not activated, nor is OCR (but that I know is a separte purchase).

Kind regards,


Hi Tjeerd,

please see if there is an e-sign license in your account ( and if the e-sign module is installed (click on the esign tab and see if it asks you to install the module).
If you didn't purchase an OCR license, the module is not necessarily installed.