License problems

Unfortunately that is what’s causing an issue. Each of these licenses are for a Terminal Server and when it tries to use the machine ID of the machine it’s on vs. the one that we have the license installed on, it fails because we have a certain amount of Terminal Server licenses, one for each server. XASAPP099P was one of our end users doing the online activation on their local machine and had to be removed so that license could be used on our Terminal Server. I will try removing the “old” PDFCreator 2.x machine IDs to see if that helps. Is there a number I can call to work with one of your associates more directly?

The main license should be good for the master image + 5 clones as soon as the two old machine IDs have been removed.
There is also an additional license key with a single license on it; would you like us to merge the keys?
Do the clones keep their machine names each time they are created, or does this change?
I am afraid there isn’t any
phone support for PDFCreator, but response time in our ticket system is usually a lot higher than here.