Link to uninstall


I bought the latest version recently and it should have the insert feature but it doesn't. I need the links to a) uninstall and b) reinstall.

Please can you help?


Hi Julie,
you can uninstall the software in the Windows control panel.
Since you've had issues before, use the all-in-one installer (automatic download), to install PDF Architect.

After installing the software, you'll need to activate your product:


As I read you face an issue with uninstalling that version.
To uninstall software you have to go settings Then choose to uninstall a program and where you find your software and then uninstall that software.
If your software does not uninstall yet then you have to go your windows drive then go program files search the folder of pdf Creator and then click on that folder and find a uninstaller.exe file and click on that one.
After that, your uninstall your Pdf creator
Hope this will help you