Linux version roadmap

Current customer who is fairly happy with the application in windows and would love to use it more widely in our operation. But the very limited windows only deployment is not good enough for modern businesses who have many options. We use primarily Linux based OS with just a couple windows machines for critical windows only apps, which this is not one. Unless there are plans for a Linux version I will not be investing anymore time or money into this product and will move to a PDF tool that supports our needs in all OS's.

Do you have a Linux based version or a road map to get there?


first step of the road map would be seeing a huge increase of demand for this; we get about 1-2 requests for this each year, so there currently aren't any plans for Linux support. If there was an easy solution to make PDFCreator compatible to Linux and iOS, we would probably already have done it, but basically it would require a complete rewrite, since PDFCreator is closely tied to the Windows printing system. Not even Adobe Acrobat runs on Linux, so it might be tough finding a single solution for all OS (there seem to be plenty of decent PDF creation tools for Linux though).

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