Long delays

we are running PDF-Creator on one or two terminal servers, the servers were reloaded recently and since we have had a serious problem with PDF-Creator. as you know you select your file and you print, and dependant on your setting the printer driver will launch an application where you can either save the document or email it. Now basically what happenes is, you do about 3 prints, then the driver or the application goes into limbo, the spool file will sit in the printer queue for about 30 min to an hour and then the application will launch. then two or three spools goes through and the process happens all over again. as you know, if you were a terminal server user trying to use this software, waiting an hour for your PDF file will be rather frustrating. i've tried to look up the logs and found none. not even under %temp%. i've tried everything i can think of, even delegating full rights to everyone on the PDF-Creator installation folder.

why would this be happening? Am i the only one experiencing this? how can i fix this

Any help would be highly appreciated