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I am seeking help with a question. I have a lot of national geographic and photography magazine that are taking too much space that I would like to scan into PDFs. What i’d like to do however is make the cover page display as a single page while the rest of the PDFs as double pages to display any images that span two pages correctly. I’ve seen some PDFs do this (without inserting a blank page next to the cover page), Is there a way to do this in PDF Architect. I should add that those PDFs that do this display correctly in Adobe Reader when I put them in double sided mode, but throw the order off when viewed in PDF architect. 

I have purchased all the necessary modules to Creat, Edit, and Insert pages into PDFs. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have exactly the same problem with four page documents that have illustrations spread over pages 2 and 3, so I want to display pages 1, 2-3, 4. As you say Adobe Reader in two page view mode does exactly this but PDF Architect in facing page display shows the pages as 1-2, 3-4 which splits the illustrations over the page. I did raise this as what I thought was a bug in PDF Architect before seeing this post but needless to say my attempts to get it fixed were fruitless.
Obviously facing page view is a different concept to two page view so it appears that the facility to do this in PDF Architect is sadly lacking.



is this still present in the current version 2.1?

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Yes, I can confirm that the issue is still present in version 2.1.
It seems that an option like “show cover page in facing page view” is missing.

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(late) 2016 checking in. Is anyone looking at this? Seems like such an important bit of functionality!

Every now & then I try PDF Architect to see if a Cover Page view option has been added. It is very important and pretty much every other PDF reader I’ve tried has this feature. Disappointingly, it is now 2018 and PDF Architect is at version 6, and there’s still no Cover Page view. The reader is otherwise excellent, looks great and has good performance. However, until there is a Cover Page view, it’s not an option for me.