Make one pdf out of 2 pdf's

Hello together, one question:

Can i merge 2 single pdfs to one pdf?

I would like to create one pdf containing all my references.

within pdfcreator i did not find an option.

thanks a lot for help


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Making one PDF from any number of source documents (not just PDF) is easy in PDF Creator (but it is a little hard to find!).

You simply print the source documents to PDF Creator in the order in which you want them; when the option for Document Title and setting other properties of the PDF appears simply choose "Wait - Collect". Then when you are done printing them, open PDF Creator (from Programs, if it isn't open already), you will see that you have several PDF documents in the queue. You can combine these into a single PDF document choosing "Combine All - CTRL+A". To print this combined document you choose "Print - CTRL+P" in PDF Creator and then you will have the same dialog for Document Title and other PDF options / properties as before. Complete this as you want and choose Save to actually save the single PDF document.

Note that you can change the order in PDF Creator queue before you combine them. As you can see you can use this method to insert and delete pages from existing PDF documents and also replace pages if you need to.

Hope this helps