Malwarebytes scan

I have Malwarebytes running on my computers and today it picked up the following on two computers:

File: 1
Nymaim.Trojan, C:\PROGRAM FILES\PDFCREATOR\IDP.DLL, Quarantined, 1000002, 0, 1.0.32494, EE7C38BB7D8A9C9D0F223AC4, dds, 00971019, B37377D34C8262A90FF95A9A92B65ED8, E5A0AD2E37DDE043A0DD4AD7634961FF3F0D70E87D2DB49761EB4C1F468BB02F

Not sure if Malwarebytes is seeing the file incorrectly or if something else is going on?


I have got the same issue, detection with Malwarebyte, but with no other AV;
If I rename the DLL, it's stil the same, the only way to remove the alert is to move it to another directory.
If I scan the idp.dll on VirusTotal or other Malware analysis it's clean.
I Mean the Dll is used by something who made it malicious.. DLL injection from a malware ?

Thanks to tell me if you have some news

Best regards