Margins - How to Adjust?


I have noticed in newer versions of PDFCreator, the top and bottom margins have been increased.  I’m not so sure about the left and right?  The left and right margins appear to be okay - I think…  Older versions of the PDFCreator do not print/PDF these top and bottom margins.

In previous versions, I didn’t notice anything with the margins.  PDFCreator printed/PDF’ed exactly what comes out of a regular printer - what I saw on the screen is what I say in my PDF.  Now, in the newer versions (at least in version 2.1.2 Build 884), the top and bottom margins are HUGE - like one to one-and-half inches.  It’s a bit much.  There also appears to be no place in the PDFCreator software that I can adjust the margins (i.e. make them smaller).  And if I adjust the margins in the document (say MS Word), that makes it even worse.  Basically what I’m saying is, the top and bottom margins are being included, where they weren’t before.  Thus, what I print/PDF, doesn’t look like what I have on the screen or what I print-out.  In addition, if I take the same document (MS Word) and print/PDF it on a another Windows PC with an older version of the PDFCreator software installed, the margins aren’t there at all - it looks perfect.  This is something new with the PDFCreator software.

I don’t know if we need a fix to the software, or if there is a new way to adjust the size of the margins?



we weren’t albe to reproduce this here, margins in the original document and in the resulting PDF seemed to be identical, also there was no noticable difference between results from 1.7.3 or 2.1.2. Is the printing application the same version on both systems?

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