Mass Conversion of .Doc/.Docx Files via VBScript

Hello everyone, 

im building a vbscript that converts all the doc and docx files in all subdirectories of a given PATH. 
So far so good, everything is working fine except one little thing and im not able to figure out how to manage it. 

in my test path i have over 900 .doc/.docx files while doing my pre-relase test i found out that my script dosent manage Documents with Margins outside sections since is rising a popup to make me decide what to do. 

How can i bypass this popup window and always print regardless of the margins outside the section? 

Thank You 
Best Regards
Juan Pedro 

Well forgot about this post but i found a solution. Not a solution i like but still one. 

Set Word = Wscript.CreateObject(“Word.Application”)
'Make Word Invisible 
Word.Visible = False 
‘Avoid pop-up messages during printing in Word
With Word 
’ Turn off DisplayAlerts 
.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsNone
End With

Hope it helps someone . And remember to activate alert’s again before closing

’ ReActivate Word Alert’s  
With Word
.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsAll 
End With 
'Close Microsoft Word