/Merge command line with 2 pdf files

I tried pdfcreator.exe /Merge "C:\temp\file1.pdf" "C:\temp\file2.pdf" /Outputfile="C:\temp\combined.pdf"

The combined.pdf file gets created but it only is the first file (file1.pdf). File2.pdf isn't added into the combined document.

I'm doing this from the command prompt on a Windows 7 pro workstation using PDF Creator 4.1.3.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @ukisforme

I am curious and going to test it out myself :slight_smile:


This seems to be a bug (just got the confirmation from development) and it will be fixed with version 4.2.0.

Can't tell the release date yet :innocent:


Thanks for confirming. I'm just glad it was easy to reproduce. I'll look forward to the next release.

Did you already update to version 4.2.0?

Not yet. Should I? Is the resolution in that version?


I did confirm that this function now works. Thanks!