Merge pdfs via command line uing 1.9.4 version

I have been successfully using version 1.7.3 of PDFCreator for merging
pdfs via Excel-VBA command line function. I have used “MergePDFFiles_2”
method of the “pdfforge.pdf.pdf” object.

But now I have upgraded to the version 1.9.4 and cannot reference it in excel vba (Tools->References->MISSING PDFCreator)

So how can I merge pdfs in this new version via command line?

In this version, this is not supported (yet). The COM interface does exist, but it has changed and you will have to readd the reference for the new PDFCreator.exe. The new COM interface does not have all of the functionality of the pdfforge.dll though.

As a workaround: Do you generate the PDF files from Excel or do you have them on the machine already?

  • If you generate them from Excel, you could merge the print jobs with the COM interface before the files are created.
  • If at least one of the files is generated from excel, you can use the CoverPage / Attachment action to append the PDF before or after the print job, resulting in a merged document as well.
  • If you merge two existing PDFs the only way that would work right now would be to print the documents, i.e. with SumatraPDF.
I hope this helps working around this problem for now. We will reinclude the functionality in a later version.