Merged files more larger with the new version of PDF Architect?

Hello, I've downloaded the latest version of PDF Architect and I've noticed the result of a merging is now larger than before.

To test it I've created the same document (156 pages of about 5/6k each one) with no modifications. The files I merge are .pdf from original .doc documents

Previous version: 531kB - Actual version: 1.344kB

Now it's about three times larger. Is there anything I have to do to correct this? Options, settings, in PDF Architect?

It's seems strange because if I multiply the pages (156) by the size (about 5k) the total is about 700/800, so I think that,  500 is nearer to the reality than 1300

Another issue I've found: if I try to look at an inner page using the side bar, the program seems to crash. Also after some minutes the only thing I have to do is to kill the program.

If you need I can send you the document. The "crash" happens with the new and the old document, at the same page. Using Adobe Reader, all goes fine.

I use Windows 7 64.

Thanks for you work and attention.


it would be great if you could send us that document to,
we will gladly have a look at it.



Done. I've sent you the merged files by the two last versions and the original single pdf files.

Best regards

Good morning. I've installed today the new version of PDFCreator 1.6.1 and there is another trouble for my work: I succeed no more in translating PDF files starting from Cubase and the PDFArchitect always creates big files.

So I have re-installed the old version of PDFCreator 1.3.2

Now all functions fine. I can create the file and the big merged files of PDFArchitect have returned to the old small size (531k from 1344k).

At the moment I'll only use this old version, that's ok.

I'll test any new version too... but now I have some fear :(



Hello.  I have the same problem - but with PDFArchitect not PDFCreator.   I purchased PDFArchitect and I’m at version

combining 3 files that range from 0.5->2.5 MB each yields a file of size 35 MB.  For 27 pages…

Unfortunately, I cannot send the files that cause this to happen.

If I need to go back to an old version, how do I do that?

I am having the identical problem. Merging 7 files with a total of less than 5 MB results in a new file with more than 15 MB. I am using PDF Architect which is currently the latest version.

I am a bit disappointed of this as this funktionality properly working is why I purchased a product instead of using a free one. Is there any plan when this will be corrected or is there any hint what I could have done wrong?


we are working on this, can´t give a deadline yet though.



Any updates on this issue? I just loaded1.0.52.8917 and combined three 200K files with a result of 1.5MB.

Thanks - Tom D.