Missing 2G disk space after print with PDFCreator

Hi there,

I am running PDFCreator 0.8 on WinXP 32 SP3. Today I try to print a webpage from IE7 (just some text and a few pictures), it took very long. Before the PDFCreator dialog box shows up that you can type "subject" and click "save", I got a notification of "C: has low disk space" from notification bar. I checked and found only 100MB left, before printing I had 2+GB left.

I checked task manager, PDFCreator thread is doing about 2G of I/O. So I moved 2G files to D to make room for the printing. A few minutes later, the PDF file printed fine. However I found C: has only 2G+ left. That is I am missing about 2G of disk space.

Can someone tell me where PDFCreator write temporary files? I would like to recover the disk space.

Thank you very much for your assistance.



Found it.

C:\\Documents and Settings\\LocalService\\Local Settings\\Temp\\PDFCreator\\username

A large tmp file named ~PS463.tmp, about 2GB