Missing features?

Before buying Pdf Architect I tried Acrobat Pro XI and I miss these simple but very useful functions:

  1. In inserting Modules, how can I expand the space between characters to fill a field perfectly (see photo);
  2. How can I duplicate fields on the other pages on the fly? (with the same value entered and in the same place as the first page);
    Thank you

Hi @pavel9

  1. Please try filling out the form while having the "View" tool active. If the form is well made, it will do the spacing for you. Like this:
  2. You could use Insert -> Insert Page -> Duplicate Page.
    This will duplicate the form elements and therefore the value entered in any of the duplicates will also show up in the other duplicates:

And as always: I'm just providing information that I learned by using the software. Feel free to look into the PDF Architect knowledge base or contact the PDF Architect Support team and share their suggestions here if you like. :slight_smile: