Mixed size PDF's issue


When creating PDF from mixed size document (A4 and A3), PDF Creator always cats secound page that is originaly in A3 to A4 landscape.

Help appriciated.



I have the same sort problem. When I print a document containing three pages: A3 landscape, 2 x A4 portrait, the last page becomes A3 portrait (the content on the last page is also not scaled to A3). 

However if the document starts with an A4 portrait page, all is fine.

When printing a document (A3,2xA4) from open office or from acrobat reader the result is the same.

From WinGDI, the printer does not report that something has been changed on the last page - so I think its a driverissue.

By looking at the postscript file before it becomes a PDF, I can see that the postscript file contains an A3 page at the end, so obviously the error must be somewhere in the postscript creation.

BTW: I've tried CutePDF Writer and Bullzip PDF Creator and they do not have the error.