MS-DOS to PDFCreator trouble with Terminal characters

Long story short... Printing a formatted report (lines, boxes and column separators) "as PDF" (using PDFCreator set up as a mapped printer) from an MS-DOS program.  The report was formatted using Terminal characters (code page 437) the report's horizontal lines are _ (underscores) and the vertical lines are | (well... vertical characters).  Since the output gets disgronificated by Ghostsript and output as a TrueType font (Courier) embedded in the resultant document I am having issues with it.  In the TrueType equivalent font the original character (decimal char #196) is printed as Ä.  What I need it to be is _  Also, the vertical line | (decimal char #179) is printed as a superscript  ³ (3).  The decimal equivalent characters in the TrueType fonts are, decimal character #95 for the _ and decimal character #124 for the |.  If I send the report to a real laser printer the printer interprets the characters correctly so it must be using its internal fonts (?).  Anyway, I need to find a way of substituting the character designators in the print out to PDFCreator or have PDFCreator/Ghostscript do it.  Any ideas?  I'm about ready to chuck this project in the river.  Thanks