Ms Word mail merge - PDF attachment with PdfArchitect

Is it possible to use the integration of PDFArchitect with MsWord to
create and e-mail automatically personalized letters, getting the e-mail
adress of each recipient from a field of the origin database?
I have
installed PDFArchitect on my computer, and a integrated ribbon is now
available on MsWord (2010). The “Mail merge - send e-mail” command on
the MsWord mailing ribbon is now deactivated… Does it mean that it’s
possible to use PDF Architect to send a personalized PDF document by
e-mail to each recipient?
Thanks in advance for your support,


you can use the PDFArchitect to convert and mail files, but it will open your default email application and ask for a recipient. If you require more automatation, try using the PDFCreator for this instead.