Multi-JPG printing

 My problem:

Just bought a micro projector BENQ GP1. It also accepts pictures and movies on USB memory stick, with a size limit of 40MB.

How to use it to display word, ppt and other documents that are not pics or movies? 

I thougt "Easy! Convert them into a series of pics, using PDFcreator!".

But, alas!, the PDFcreator doesn't export on mutli-pictures! If I try to export, say, a 10 pages word document into JPG pictures, the PDF creator only generates a single JPG of the first page. Other pages are ignored!

Sure, I could use TIFF multi-pages output, and it works. But the problem is that the TIFF multipage picture fast grows, exceeding the BENQ-GP1 40MB limit.

Is there any advice about the possibility to print a group of single page pictures? JPG, GIF, PNG or whatever? Maybe I'm not able to use PDFcreator or maybe you could consider to add this function in the future?

Thanks a lot.

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 I found the One page per file: (This setting allows the user to create a new file for every page in the original document.). Checked the option, used JPG output, but I always get only one JPG file with only the first page image, and a filename with added (literally) the "%d" string, as shown below:


Also tried to add a counter, with no result.


What's wrong?

Warm regards.