Nag to update to update to new version


Recently every time the PDF Creator is being called by our scripts, there is a nag to update. This is breaking our scripts and they fail to write. On some scripting servers we were able to update to the new version but... a set of these scripts need the PDF print monitor to function. I would like to stop that nag on these servers. Currently we are using PDFCreator 1.7.1 on those servers..

Any assistance will be appreciated.


try to re-install the adapted 1.7.1 version, wich does not ask for updates.
It has been done for that reason, because the "all to pdf" application is using COM object wich was different than the COM objects on the pdfcreatror after version 2.

can be found here


I have version 1.7.1. loaded and it asks ALL THE TIME


you have to de-install the one you have and install the modified PDFCreator-1_7_1_setup_mod.exe
find in the link here


This does not work.. It is still asking to update.