Need help with "hidden" settings

I asked this before but never got much of an answer.  I need PDFCreator to remember the password I want to use for every PDF file I create.  As it stands now I have to go through mutliple screens to get a PDF file saved and I have to manually enter the password.  I don't understand why any of these need to be "hidden"?  Why can't all possible settings be in the GUI even if you put a check box somewhere to enable "advanced' features?  This creates problems as I have mistyped the password 2x in a row (not sure how but I have several times) then have been unable to edit the PDF file later.  If PDFCreator just entered the right password every single time this would not be a problem.

Also, I asked how do I get rid of the first box that comes up when you print toi PDFCreator that asks for things like Document Title (not document name) as well as Creation Date, Modify Date, Author, etc...  I really hate this screen but all I ws told was to go to Options, Save, Filename, but that's not the way to get rid of this screen.  In that section I can set a permanant file name but that's not what I want.  I only want to see the Windows Common Dialog box that prompts me for "Save As" information that includes the folder and actual filename.  Again, this is just an inonvience that I'm betting 95% of your users just Alt-S through bindly every time they save a PDF file, it's a waste of time.  There has to be a way to skip this screen.


BTW, I have the PDFOwnerPasswordString set in the registry but it still prompts me for the password and will not allow me to go past the dialog box unless I enter password.