Need help with new version printer driver

I just downloaded the new version, but now the printer driver is
missing in Google Chrome browser. What should I do? I have attached a
screenshot of the screen where I imagine I would add the PDFCreator
printer driver, but it says that you must be an administrator to add a
printer - but I am an administrator! I have been able to turn on the administrator, but even then it does not work. When I create a new printer and click Save printer it does not work?

Doesnt make sense, but I really want it to work.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks and please let me know as soon as possible!!!


right click the PDFCreator and run as administrator.

You need to do this as you are on Windows 7

I believe I have the same problem.  Have been using the pgm for some time and just installed v1.2.1.  Would now like to set up multiple printer profiles.  The feature to add a new printer at "Printer | Printers" does not work even though my Windows7  user profile is administrator.

 Thank you rohit_patel81 !!

 Thank you rohit_patel81 !!