Need to re-start PDFCreator Server in order to get files printed



I upgraded my PDFCreator Server to v2.0.2 Build 3373 (offline version).
I have a windows service that opens Excel files, does some treatment, and then print them as PDF, using the PDF Creator Server.
A specific account (with administrator rights) runs the windows service and the pdf creator service.
The problem is, it seems that the pdf creator service doesn't check the spool directory (C:\Windows\Temp\PDFCreator Server\Spool) when a new print is asked.
The files are created in the spool directory, but I need to re-start the PDFCreator service in order to get the files finally printed.

Could you help me ?
Thank you very much !


Hi @SuGa
It's possible that the update didn't go well.
A fresh reinstallation should do the trick. Make sure to backup your settings!


Hi Florian,

Thank you so much ! I reinstalled and it worked... That was driving me mad :wink:


That's great to hear! :slight_smile: