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The Online poker Association (OPA) The Online Poker Association (OPA) is an Institution consisting of online poker rooms Internet gambling sites devoted to promoting integrity. The Online poker Association (OPA) has been created with two goals in mind: to assist online poker players with their gaming options and to improve the integrity of the online poker rooms, as a whole. As more and more online poker rooms are established in this unregulated market and more and more players become part of it, our goals are more strict than ever. The world of online poker is fascinating, complex, and can be very fruitful to its players. But unlike the banking world, where deposits are guaranteed by federal governments, deposits and cache within these online establishments are so far unprotected. There are no guarantees. That is why online poker should not be a spectator sport; the principal way for pokerplayers to protect the money deposited and won within online poker rooms is to do the research and ask questions. Currently, there are no laws or rules that govern the online poker rooms industry except of total ban. However, the Online poker rooms Association believes that all players should have access to certain basic facts about an online casino prior to playing within it. To achieve this, the OpA requires certified online gaming facilities to disclose meaningful information to the public, which provides a database of knowledge for all players to use to judge for themselves if a particular establishment is a good “bet.” Only through the steady flow of timely, comprehensive and accurate information can people make sound online gaming decisions. We are here to provide such information in our online poker rooms association forum. next we will launch the italian . casino online association AAMS;